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Paulo Avelino and KC Concepcion

Paulo Avelino Dating KC Concepcion

In last week’s episode of The Mega and The Songwriter broadcasted by TV5, Megastar Sharon Cuneta revealed to the Filipino public that her daughter KC Conception is recently dating Kapamilya Hunk and Actor Paolo Avelino.  She confirmed that they went out once for a date and that KC Conception os just enjoying her time with her life.

Sharon Cuneta believes that KC Concepcion is not into having a complicated relationship.  She also stated that whatever KC Conception decides with her life and love relationship is entirely up to KC Conception alone and that she is willing to support her decisions no matter what because she is still KC’s mom.

Anyways, Sharon Cuneta’s revelation was made after Paulo Avelino confirmed his separation from the mother of his son Ethan Akio, LJ Reyes.

Well, I was just thinking, I hope KC Concepcion was not the reason why Paolo Avelino separated from LJ Reyes in the first place… LOL


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