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Drunk Ellen Adarna Photo Scandal

Ellen Adarna Drunk In Karaoke Bar Photos Online

The controversial and very scandalous photos of Ellen Adarna have been uploaded online via Social Networking Site Friendster.  These very tantalizing photos of Ellen Adarna shows the actress showing all the Filipina girls out there the perfect way to express yourself.  Ellen Adarna is here to show you the right way of expressing oneself in public with poise and confidence so make sure to see her scandalous photos so you will know exactly what to do in a karaoke bar next time your boyfriends invite you out for a date.

Before heading to the karaoke bar, make sure to wear a provocative dress or micro mini skirt to go with your plunging neck line shirt.  Wear your heavy make up with smoky mascara to attract more attention.  Start drinking lots of beer and liquor accompanied by smoking marijuana to look cool in front of your boyfriends.

Start flirting and kissing the girl on the next table.  Sing songs on the karaoke at the top of your lungs while you pretend that you are doing some kind of pole dancing and do not forget to lie down on the floor to show off your skinny legs.  Let one of your boyfriends carry you back to your seat when you are done singing and dancing while you wrap your arms around his neck and wrap your legs just below his belt.

The most important thing to do when he is done carrying you back to your seat because you are too drunk to carry yourself up:  Sleep on his lap while your other boyfriends stare at your very short dress that is showing off your very skimpy black thongs.

And there you go – The Ellen Adarna way to show Freedom of Expression.

Drunk Ellen Adarna Photo Scandal Video