Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia Scandal

As we all know, the reason for Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford Break Up is because of the involvement of a third party into their five year relationship.  We even watched and listened to the teary eyed Billy Crawford Interview with Boy Abunda in The Buzz – Billy Crawford admitted that he was lost, confused, and that it is his fault that Nikki Gil broke up with him.  He said he needs some time to know himself better and to give himself a break so he decided to to the United States of America where he was brought up.

Well it seems that he didn’t went to America alone, it seems that the third party followed him there or accompanied him to the USA so they can have a good time together and to celebrate their triumphant victory with him being a free man and away from the prying eyes of the Filipino public.  Well, that is what they thought – I guess they forgot that a lot of Filipinos live and travel to the USA too and that a lot of people there recognize and know who they are.

At least Billy Crawford got what he wanted this time around – a woman who is liberated, open-minded, and who is not afraid to give up their virginity even before marriage.  It is good for him to be able to release his stress and tension over his break-up with the conservative Nikki Gil and have the alluring company of carefree Coleen Garcia IN BED.

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia Pictures

So here is the YouTube Video showing Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia Pictures Dating in one of those American clubs:

Watching Nets VS Bucks with Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia at Brooklyn’s Barclay Arena:

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia Kissing

Watch and listen about what Vice Ganda have to say with this rumored love affair between Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia: