Pasko Sa Pilipinas

Pasko Sa Pilipinas or Christmas in the Philippines 2013 starts on the early days of September and lasts until January of the following year.  Philippine Christmas 2013 is definitely one of the most awaited holidays of this year.  In as early as September 2013,  Christmas Lanterns or Parols are already up for display in most shopping malls, bright and colorful Christmas Lights are already put up in most of the busiest towns and cities, and Christmas Trees are already being decorated with golden balls and silver linings in most Filipino homes nationwide.

Pasko Sa Pilipinas or Christmas in the Philippines is one of the most celebrated Holidays by Filipinos who are mostly Catholics.  Religious Pinoys look forward to attending the Simbang Gabi which usually begin on December 16 of each year.  After the Midnight Mass is over, most Filipinos look forward to eating this very famous Pinoy Dessert called Bibingka which is a traditional rice cake made of sweet young coconut and milk served specially with salted eggs as toppings. Christmas Gifts for families and loved ones are also prepared for the coming Christmas Eve.  Before the long holidays begin, Christmas Parties with the best Christmas Parlor Games are also planned either at home, at work, or at school.

Christmas Nights become even more exciting with the beautiful Christmas Carols being sang by little boys and girls.  Wonderful Christmas Songs fill the air with the vibrant laughter of children.  Bright and colorful Christmas Lanterns and Christmas Lights signifies that the spirit of Christmas is just around the corner.

On Christmas Eve, colorful Christmas Fireworks are much anticipated by Filipino Families.  Noche Buena comes afterwards where a feast of either Lechon Baboy, Lechong Manok, Pork Liempo, Barbeque, Pork Hamonado, Pancit, Queso De Bola, Christmas Desserts, and healthy fruits are served on the dining table for the whole family to enjoy.  Christmas Games, Exchange of Christmas Gifts, and Christmas Family Gatherings makes Christmas such a wonderful Holiday in the Philippines.

Experience Pasko Sa Pilipinas.  Christmas is definitely More Fun In The Philippines.