Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband Break Up

Is this what seemed to be a ideal couple coming to an end or is it just a rumor floating around the media? Angel Locsin’s manager when interviewed by ABS-CBN did not confirm or deny if this rumor was true.

Younghusband has stated before that he plans to marry Angel Locsin. Until I have heard it from the horses mouth then I will just believe the break up to be a rumor.

Angel Locsin last starred in the Teleserye Imortal but will come back to TV with the Newest and Latest Teleserye The Legal Wife on ABS-CBN that is also starring Maja Salvador, JC de Vera and Jericho Rosales.

So what do you think is the cause of Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband Breaking Up?

In The Buzz Episode last Sunday, Boy Abunda got the chance to interview these young couple who is on the verge of breaking up their nearly two years of romantic relationship.

Phil Younghusband felt like he is always the last one to know of Angel Locsin’s whereabouts from interviews, parties and conferences she has to attend to, etc.  He said he is also the last when it comes to showing sweetness and affection to her such as sending flowers and gifts.  He feels that Angel Locsin beats him in almost everything, she is at the top of everything in terms of career and status.  He feels that Angel Locsin is insensitive in not telling him what she does, where she goes, whom she talks with, etc. etc. etc.

Angel Locsin is a very popular actress who is always busy and in demand both by the media and movie industry.  She said that the pressure of balancing love life and working as an actress is very challenging especially right now that she is on top of her career.  So given her very hectic work schedule starring in Filipino Movies and working on her newest ABS CBN Filipino TV Teleserye The Legal Wife – do you think she still have time to tell Phil Younghusband the simple details of her everyday schedule?  Angel Locsin is a very independent woman, she knows how to handle herself well.  Whenever she win awards like Best Actress Award, FHM Sexiest Woman, Top 10 Most Beautiful Woman Awards, and Phil Younghusband is the last to give her flowers or gifts -  Who cares?  I don’t think it is necessary for Phil Younghusband to even get bothered by simple things like that.

Angel Locsin said that when they have a chance to get together, Phil Younghusband would be busy talking more to her dad who is also an athlete and a Sports Enthusiast.  She feels like Phil Younghusband spends more time with her dad than with her.  She feels like an outcast and pushed to the side, vanished in thin air, non-existent, a ghost.  In this case, if they really wanted to spend quality time together despite their busy schedules, then they should spend time together without any of their parents or loved ones involved so they don’t have to feel obliged in entertaining them.  Right?

I don’t think these simple love matters that causes arguments between them should be the reason for them breaking up a two year relationship that they have worked on.  To make their relationship stronger and better, they need to communicate more, be sensitive to each other’s feelings, and be able to express themselves freely without holding back grudges against each other.  That’s all.

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