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Miss Malaybalay Laga Ta Bukidnon 2014

The Kaamulan Festival is a very colorful ethnic cultural festivities that is being held yearly in the beautiful city of Malaybalay, Bukidnon, Philippines.  Kaamulan came from their native Binukid word amul that means to gather.  During the Kaamulan Festival in Mindanao, the seven (7) tribal ethnic groups gather together in peace and unity to celebrate […]

LUV U Theme Song

LUV U is one of the most popular Teen Sitcom that started being aired last February 19, 2013.  LUV U, abbreviation for Lambertu Uy Villarama University,  is a Filipino Teen Series that is directed and created by Edgar Mortiz.  This TV Show by can be viewed every Sunday afternoon after ASAP 19. LUV U Season […]

Madlum River in Bulacan

The Madlum River is located at Barangay Madlum, San Miguel, Bulacan.  During the Summer Season in the Philippines, a lot of Filipinos near the surrounding area usually gather around the river banks for a little picnic or lunch gatherings with family, friends, and loved ones.  Men like renting river rafts that they use for fishing, […]

Paolo Bediones Video Scandal Part 3

After the Paolo Bediones Scandal Part 2 surfaced just shortly after the first scandal video had been released and became trending on Twitter Philippines Online, Paolo Bediones is speechless with rage.  He had not yet recovered from the embarrassment and public humiliation that he had to go through from his recklessness in video taping his […]

Pinoy Big Brother All In with Kim Chiu

A few weeks after Kim Chiu cannot resist herself from tweeting about a specific PBB All In Housemate whom she described as so lazy and not deserving to become part of the PBB All In Big 4, after being rained with negative reactions and criticisms regarding her very bold statement which clearly pointed out to […]

Suspects Arrested Anria Galang Espiritu Case

Philippine Police authorities were able to arrest three suspects responsible for the death of a 26 years old Filipina named Anria Galang Espiritu who had been brutally raped by a gang of men and slayed without mercy after her lifeless body was dumped into a muddy rice field in Calumpit, Bulacan. In a news interview […]

Anria Galang Espiritu of Calumpit, Bulacan

Anria Galang Espiritu, nicknamed Anne, is a very fair and happy-go-lucky 26-year old Filipina who works at the United Pulp and Paper Co., Inc. as a Human Resource Officer.  She is a very busy person who does not have enough time in meeting and dating men so frequently.  Her hobbies include shopping, partying, taking selfies, […]

Fille Cainglet Boyfriend

Fille Cainglet, also known as Fille Saint Merced Nombres Cainglet, was born on January 30, 1990.  She is a Filipino volleyball player and is the very popular team captain for the Ateneo Lady Eagles Volleyball Team of the Ateneo De Manila University. Fille Cainglet is so good at this sports that she eventually became the […]

Paolo Bediones Scandal Part 2

Just this Friday, August 15, 2014 another intriguing and very scandalous video of Paolo Bediones is once again circulating and is the trending topic online on Twitter Philippines. After a gruesome week of him having to deal with his very first scandalous involvement with a young Filipina model that became trending on Twitter Philippines, after […]

Dingdong Dantes Hairstyle

Dingdong Dantes is pretty much one of the hottest Filipinos up to date. He has that hunk body without much effort and he carries himself with much finesse that he has stood out to be one of the most elegant looking men in Philippine Television.   There is a number of men who wish they […]

Janella Salvador and Maja Salvador Relationship

In the current generation of new and upcoming celebrities, there is name that is definitely noticeable, and that name is of Janella Salvador.   Her name gets noticed because then she would be linked to many celebrities who were successful in the field and who had the same family name as hers. There are some […]

Marco Gumabao and Miles Ocampo

Miles Ocampo and Marco Gumabao have been very close lately because of their participation in this youth oriented show called LUV U.   Because of this closeness, the both have created a bond that is definitely clear even when they are on cam and off cam. Since they have been working well together, they are […]

Revilla Scandal

After Ramgen Revilla’s passing, there were immediate scandals that took the crowd in the internet.   Ramgen’s passing would have been the reason why people would have respected him but still there were many things that circulated even with the fact that he died.   Involving such scandal is his own girlfriend – Janelle Manahan. […]

Chiz Escudero Wife

One of the country’s best political icons today is Senator “Chiz” Escudero. He is probably one of the youngest and wittiest senators in the Philippines and he is without a doubt, one of the best.   But, despite his political success and fame, there are certain things that we do not know about Senator Escudero. […]

Alodia Gosiengfiao Plastic Surgery

Cosplayers are now trending these days. Animes and other fictional characters are being portrayed through the world of Cosplay. This may be a new term for some but for others, this term is practically their social life already.   One famous face in cosplaying is Alodia Gosiengfiao. Many are definitely idolizing her because she appears […]

Hayden Kho and Maricar Reyes Sala

Maricar Reyes is popularly regarded as an actress and model whose expertise are only focused on appearing in televisions. But there is something that people do not know and it is the fact that Maricar Reyes is a doctor. She is actually a practicing doctor who is also dedicated in this field which she has […]

Selfie: Word Of The Year 2014 Philippines

The word Selfie is one of the List of The Most Annoying Words of Year 2013.  Selfie is used to mean a photo that had been taken by oneself.  A selfie is commonly taken using one’s own smartphone, camera, or webcam for that matter.  Such a photograph is then uploaded to social networking sites such […]

Mark Herras Photo Scandal

Mark Herras is yet again bombarded with sensitive issues. Before, he was alleged with a video scandal and now he has yet to face another one.   It is common knowledge that Mark Herras had a rumored video scandal with his then girlfriend, Jennylyn Mercado. This issue was so famous that many thought it was […]

Juan Dela Cruz Theme Song

Juan Dela Cruz is an ABS-CBN Teleserye that was aired from February 4, 2013 to October 25, 2013.  Juan Dela Cruz  is directed by Malu L. Sevilla and is starring Pinoy Hunk Coco Martin himself with leading lady Erich Gonzales and veteran Filipino Actor Albert Martinez. Juan dela Cruz Teleserye is all about the story […]